They Call Her Spiniela

Navigating difficult conversations in a time when the public is riled up and a brand/Influencer is under viral attack is an art form Daniela is particularly good at. She firmly believes that with the right solution oriented mindset, the worst things a brand or professional can face can often lead to grateness if leveraged properly. Daniela thrives  in territory other creatures find treacherous, and is a skilled guide in moments where carefully crafted narrative is required.


Webinars & Virtual Keynote Adresses

Daniela loves the Zoom platform. For those that are at a distance and require consulting or virtual guest appearances to save to cost of her in person speaking/consulting  fee & travel costs, Daniela is happy to accommodate.  It’s way more affordable + Daniela hates leaving her house 

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Daniela gained notoriety during the Occupy Movement when she created a new brand in the textile waste industry when it was still unregulated and dominated by organized crime. Fighting the Goliath of crime gained her the nickname of “Pirate Queen.” Her advocacy for the development of the industry led to her designing and implementing the first municipal curbside pilot for textile waste in Ontario. She navigated through notoriously violent turf wars and then through industry regulation when organized crime was all but eliminated in the sector, in great part thanks to her efforts. She was the first to partner with post secondaries to advance curriculum on the sector and the first to study and advocate for green tech development.  

More recently Daniela has been occupied strategizing on multiple political campaigns from municipal to federal, as well as for business leaders and industries facing resistance.

“Swimming with sharks is only problematic if you are not a shark” 



Success rarely happens by accident. Careful planning, wise integral choices combined with good old fashioned elbow-grease is a surefire way to accomplishment.  Many people are entrepreneurs by nature but not sure what platform to pursue. Affiliate marketing is the most affordable path to business ownership with the greatest opportunity to wealth building through passive income. As team leader, her success is dependent on the success of her team, so the support and guidance she offers is unparalleled. 


Free Advice & Info

Daniela understands that not everyone can afford her retainer and hourly fee for consulting. She has created a YouTube channel where she shares free advice and info on everything from lifestyle to business and personal development. Get to know her a little