Book: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer

In Loving Denial: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer book. Available on Amazon Kindle

This thoughtful book shares the things cancer patients don’t have the heart to share with loved ones and caregivers. Daniela Siggia shares her observations from the lens of her parent’s experience living with cancer. This guide will help you know what to do, and more importantly what not to do when a loved one gets that horrible diagnosis. Available on Kindle: Y

All Natural Lotion


When her parents began to suffer with various aches and pains, her passion for natural remedies inspired Daniela to come up with a formulation to sooth her parents as a DIY Christmas gift. They had such amazing results they began to give it away to family and friends. Word spread and people started making orders. Suddenly a new family business was born! Read about it in her upcoming book, Stop Saying I Beat Cancer -Coming Soon

Book: Essential Cocktails, Marinades & Sauces


Co Authored by Dr Paul & Daniela Siggia, this fun cookbook is based on recipes created with Young Living Vitality Line. Coming Soon!