Daniela Siggia: Consultant & Strategist

Daniela is an award winning business leader, corporate and political strategist, lobbyist, industry advocate and Creative Director. A leading expert on the second hand economy, she often consults and guest lectures on economic development, green tech advancements, as well as mentors business builders in personal, professional and brand development.  She was recently nominated for an Order Of Ontario in part for setting a new standard in her industry and for her commitment to public education. She also serves on the Board of Directors for several charities and research/industry collaboratives. 

Well versed on municipal affairs and regulations, she often represents industry and municipal stakeholders seeking outside the box solutions for industry shifts and limitations. Disaster PR is her superpower.    

Her Passion Project is as the leader of  ‘On To The Next Drop’  -a team committed to personal and professional development and helping everyday people detox their homes and seek lifestyle choices that promote wellness. She also educates on the development of passive income, namely through affiliate marketing techniques. 

 Contact: 877-466-7471 email: info@danielasiggia.com for a free customized quote.